Snowdonia with Cotswold Outdoor

So my first week long shoot, and mostly stills rather than video, fantastic to have the variation in media.

Working with Tom Falkenburg as main photographer, I came to support him with aerial shots to give their next catalogue a new edge. For the last week in September in North Wales we couldn't have asked for more in terms of weather - 8 full days of sun and blue skies, perfect for spring/summer collection.

Had a fantastic time with the whole crew adventuring around the whole area and the privilege to witness some spectacular sights. Great professional team to work with, another great job and I hope to work with them all again soon - models, photographers and management.

Lightbridge Arrived

This finally got delivered, was a longer wait than usual, but now its here and tested, the HD video downlink is fantastic.

It took a little while to figure out the calibration in both sets of software (A2 and Lightbridge) but all working great now. It will take a fair bit more fiddling to switch between one and two man setup, but I'm sure that will speed up when its done more. The improvement in picture quality is a massive improvement over the 5.8GHz vtx from before, so well worth the effort to install this upgrade.

Shepperton Studios

Our aerial special effects testing and jobs so far got us the chance to do some flights at Shepperton Film Studios in Surrey.

Thinking it was going to be a fairly small scale evening just to see if the effects were as they wanted we were in for a big surprise. Multiple camera crews and plenty of assistants to film the effects, very nerve wracking.

Sadly I have no photos of the event, but effectively we raised up fireworks into center camera for the crews to film and then hand over to the special effects to to slip them into their film. Taking all the guesswork about where the fireworks will explode and making sure they have a clean background made the work a lot easier for the crews and we were wrapped up well before the 11pm firework curfew even with the light rain delays.

Despite the pressure of all the cameras it was in fact a fairly stressless job, so well organised with security and emergency services on hand with everybody briefed it was a delight to work with everyone, I hope we can do more soon.

Glastonbury Abbey

Finally got to show off all our testing at Glastonbury Abbey. Flying up out of the abbey with the flare attached we kicked off the fireworks display. Fantastic cooperation from security and the special effects team, all went down well with some fantastic feedback.

Pyro Test Flights

Together with a special effects company we did some test flights with interesting payloads and mounts. Several types of fireworks were set off in interesting new ways in our test site in Somerset. Fantastic results, some photos in our gallery.

Vehicle Sign Writing

Picked up the vehicle from the sign writers, really happy with the results, nice and simple with al the info there. The rear wheel cover is fantastic, very smart!

CR Signs did a great job and were so helpful, I definitely recommend them.