I began this adventure in October 2014, and have been learning ever since. Coming from an RC background in cars and one very brief flight with a helicopter over a decade ago, I spotted the opportunity to get back into it with a chance to get paid to do what I enjoy.

I gained my permission to operate for commercial purposes from the CAA in 2015, as well as £5million puplic liability insurance so that I can operate safely and within the law.

Coming from work in the adventure industry, I love the fact I can now take it easy and film other people doing all the hard work! Although adventure filming is the dream, everybody has to get back to reality and I know that there are far more opportunities out there that are just as exciting; which is why I always try to say yes to any opportunity that comes our way, which has led to us working with special effects and wildlife. The UAV industry is already expanding so rapidly, and I know we haven't even scratched the surface, so any wild new ideas are welcome,  I'd love to hear them and we can work on it together to make it a safe and legal opportunity.

Our main focus has shifted slightly away from aerial photography and filming, and towards precision heavy lifting. This way we can focus on what we do best - the flying. Whatever your business we can add an extra dimension to it. We are able to lift anything you like to a precise point, be it a $100,000 camera or a set of fireworks. We love what we do, and we hope we can enhance your project.

A brief bit of information that applies to aerial work with UAVs.


  • All work done for commercial gain must be performed by an operator with full permission for aerial work awarded by the CAA.
  • Flights must remain within visual line of sight from the operator.
  • The UAV must not exceed 400ft (121m) altitude, or 500m horizontally from the pilot in any direction.
  • All flight operations must remain 30m away from people or property not under the operators control during take-off and landing, and 50m during the actual flight.
  • If a proper briefing has been made, only those briefed my be flown over. Large crowds are not allowed unless under special permission.
  • Operations may be carried out in built up areas, as long as there is a large enough area that can be controlled to make sure the operation can be carried out safely, in some cases a special permission must be applied for, which can take time to process.
  • At the end of it, it is up to the Pilot in Command to make sure that the operation is run safely, so risk assesments must be made before to make sure it is both safe and viable to get the shots.

1440 Drones

  • We use top of the range equipment to make sure we capture the best footage we can.
  • We are permitted to carry out commercial operations by the CAA (CAA ID 947) at both under and over 7kg takeoff weight (still under 20kg).
  • We are insured for £5,000,000 public liability.
  • Our camera is a Panasonic GH4, which allows for fantastic stills, but also UHD 4k video quality.
  • We love the job because it is such a fast evolving industry, and more things are possible every day, we love working with people who have interesting requests, and putting our heads together to make it work.